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A Travel Journal With Prompts for Your Inner + Outer Explorations

Savor Your Trip to the Fullest

Cultivate deeper travel experiences with a guided journal that helps you slow down, travel mindfully, and document meaningful memories that go beyond the bucket list.

Woman using a travel journal with prompts in the park

Come Home to Your Best Self

Tap into the transformative power of travel with prompts that inspire self discovery and help you translate your insights into life at home.

Journal with travel accessories

Create the Ultimate Travel Souvenir

Turn your memories into a meaningful, bookshelf-worthy keepsake thanks to a beautiful hardcover and additional blank pages to tell your story with words, photos and mementos. 

The most meaningful travel memories go beyond where you've been and what you've seen. They remind you of how far you’ve come as a person.

What’s Inside

The Discover Journal is divided into four sections to help you get the most out of your travels—before, during and after your trip.


Intentional Planning Pages

Organize your most important travel details and use the prompts to bring anticipation and intention to your travel plans.


Daily Travel Pages

The minimal daily pages make it easy to document the most impactful moments of your travels in just minutes a day. 


Reflection Pages

Turn your trip into life-changing inspiration with prompts for trip highlights, self-reflection and living a travel-inspired life at home.


Your Written Wanderings

Pull from the collection of travel journaling prompts whenever you feel inspired to write but don't know where to start. 


Start Your Journey


We've got a printable version for you

What Travelers Are Saying


I love the structure and especially enjoy the post-travel section. What an amazing way to capture a trip for life.

Dana B.


Adding your journal prompts to my travels has given me important insights, thank you.

Celeste D.

About The Reset Ritual

The Discover Journal is brought to you by The Reset Ritual, a mindful travel brand that celebrates the transformative power of travel by helping explorers plan, experience and document their trips in a way that cultivates self-discovery and self-care while making meaningful memories along the way.

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